Packing Materials- Price List

Packing Materials- Price List

Song Fu now provide various sizes of cartons and other protection material. Price is already listed.

For customers who are going to move within Taiwan area, other options are also available.

See Packing Materials.


General packing material
Standard Carton Box Shrink Wrap
※Carton for Computer (55×40×43) 

Price: NTD$50/ Carton for Compute $55

for multi-purpose protection


Price: NTD$350/ roll

Small Box- for books Large Box/ Wardrobe Box


Price: NTD$40

Wardrobe Bars canbe purchased separately.



Price: Box NTD$150/
 Wardrobe Box NTD$300

Bubble Wrap 易碎貼紙 Fragile Sticker
for furniture or electronic
device protection

90 x6300

Price: NTD$ 350
for cartons


Price: NTD$2

Corrugated Wrap 紙箱內容物貼紙 Content Sticker
for furniture protection for cartons


Price: NTD$3

Industrial Tissue Paper Dimensions are in “CM” (Length x Width x Height)
for plates, bowls, cups and
other fragile objects (68×54.5)

Price: NTD$150/pkg (about 100 sheets)



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